Courage, Consistency, Tenacity, and Faith mark the lifelong journey of this giant of a man. Rising from tobacco fields, Reverend Joseph E. Boone was a man of uncommon vision, charged and driven by formidable dedication.
With unflagging zeal, he carried forth his conviction that all citizens have the right to dignified participation in the American economy's mainstream- both as producers and consumers. Using superb strategic and organizational skills, in concert with his civil rights colleagues, he developed models for mobilizing consumer and labor protest campaigns that forced the American business community to acknowledge the pivotal role of the black consumer and worker in America's economy. The Joseph E. Boone Memorial Foundation is dedicated to continuing his work of serving those at need in our community, and throughout our nation. His spirit lives on in the work of this organization.
HONORING A LIFE OF SERVICE WALK OF FAME Now many can walk in the footsteps of civil rights heroes. Joseph E. Boone, a civil rights legend leaves a path for the next generation of leaders.  (READ MORE)
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JOSEPH E. BOONE BLVD. How do you say thanks for a life of sacrifice, commitment and service? The City of Atlanta recognizes and gives honor to a leader in his own right.  (WIKIPEDIA REFERENCE)
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